23 December 2010

1970s Fashion At Its Best. This From A Movie Banned for Plagarizing the Exorcist! Plus, the Shadow and Act Blog Calls This the Best Black Movie of All Time?

It's got Big Afros. Susan Boyle eyebrows. Turtlenecks under sportcoats. Brothers with big, muscular arms wearing buckskin vests with fringe, sans shirts. Mini-length dresses. Cringe-worthy special effects.  Platform shoes.  Shakespearean actor extraordinare William Marshall. Tasteful gold chains. All this and a great plot, to boot!

 "Abby: The Black Exorcist," a film that was banned shortly after its release for plagarizing "The Exorcist" is one of those rare gems that has stood up to the test of time...if you are still combining mind-altering drugs with the Velveeta + Bugles diet. 

Give it up to the blog,  Shadow and Act for alerting us to the clips of "Abby" now available on YouTube.  You will not believe how the wonderful the "threads" look, even after Abby, who is possessed by the devil, throws these men around in this nightclub scene as if they were rag dolls, with only her bare hands as weapons. Abby is throwing these men around left, right and right down the center of the bar.

(Julie Taymor,director of the "SpiderMan" play on Broadway take note. No brothers were harmed in the making of this movie. The homies don't play that.)

"Abby: The Black Exorcist," according to a comment on the Shadow and Act blog may be included in the UK in a "Women Horror" film fest.  The Brits, now they understand culture.  Cheers to them.

Bonus for those who are really cinematic sleuths.  At about 1:22 in the clip up top, there's this cutaway shot of three dudes in the background.  The one in the middle with the white shades--is that a young Archbishop Don Magic Juan?  Whoever these guys are, they are dressed to the nines.  And the tens.


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  2. a) hilar! b) no one told me to stop wearing groovy turtlenecks w/ blazers! + why did I ever get rid of my fringed vests! c) LOVE Abby's Mercedes McCambridge-meets-Eartha Kitt VO! d) perhaps my fave line = "OH, CRAP!" (+ point-bink-goodbye-genitalia brief moment quite humorous)