18 February 2011

Beyonce According to Thom Yorke :If You Like It, then you Should have put a Hat on It! And he's wearing an outfit by Inyour Clozit.

The intense, angsty, raw emotion Mr. Radiohead, Thom Yorke, puts into this dance effort is astounding. When he looks directly into the camera, we want to go into our closet and get out the magic Lucky Charms hat so Thom can be transported to the Wonka Chocolate Factory and hang out with Johnny Depp. Thom's dance is straight outta WonkaLand and the Uumpaloompas.

Okay, if you have made it all the way to this sentence in this post, we'll confess--THIS IS ACTUALLY THE VIDEO OF RADIOHEAD'S LOTUS FLOWER SET TO THE MELLOW SOUNDS OF BEYONCE'S RUMPSHAKING MEGAHIT, "Single Ladies." Thom is doing his absolute best to shake what his mama gave him. (But did his mama take it back?)

When will Saturday Night Live do a version of Thom's dance? It's captivating, isn't it? Who could possibly do justice to these moves? Maybe Charlie Chaplin will come out of his grave and try his hand (and feet) and copying Yorke. Or maybe Fred Astaire in Zombie format.

His outfit is genius, though. The white shirt, skinny leg jeans and black hat are all available in your closet. You know, that famous designer, Inyour Clozit!

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