18 December 2011

Breaking News: Fake Bodies in H&M ads!!!!

News item from online source Jezebel.com states that discount clothier H & M uses computer generated bodies and then just pastes a random head on top of the cyborg neck in their advertising.  With technology and robotics, human beings are being pushed out of more and more lucrative careers, it's amazing that modeling with real people has lasted as long as it has.  Real models are so "difficult" to work with, we guess, because H&M says the computer-generated bodies are much better at "displaying the clothing" than real bodies.  The only problem is, until computer-generated digital bodies start buying their own clothing, real people--and by "real people" we mean "women" and "girls"--have two DISMAL sources of unrealistic imagery to choose from when looking at most situations:  an anorexic-based/heroin chic human being or a cookie-cutter avatar body wearing somebody else's head. 
We wonder why anyone should have a problem with this. NOT!
And for absurdity's sake, check out the above belly buttons.  They are all the same. Weird.  We could be looking at the the same belly button in every single bikini ad from now until eternity. 
And you know what else? This is kind of like what has happened with the farmers who make decisions about our food choices.  Take the tomato. Real food is "so difficult" to work with so we play around with it until we get something that is easy to ship and doesn't readily bruise, and it still looks a lot like a tomato.  But it tastes like cardboard and is essentially fradulent.  It has only a tenuous connection to the real McCoy.
We realize that authenticity means different things to different people and that business reasons factor into the survival of all businesses. But this H&M thing feels like a high fashion crime or at the very least, a serious misdemeanor.

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  1. in addition to belly buttons, hands, fingers, collarbones, etc. all identical (do love, continue to marvel at Photoshop, however)