15 January 2012

To All Girls Who Have Lost Their Hair: Make Your Own Bald Barbies Yourself!

Full disclosure here. I went bald in college at Yale on purpose. Twice. Before Michael Jordan or Sinead O’Connor made it fashionable. Does that mean I agree with the over 100,000 people in favor of the Bald Barbie Movement currently being campaigned on Facebook on behalf of girls who have lost their hair to illnesses or cancer chemotherapy? Absolutely not. Hell to the no. One can’t deny the power of the Barbie on the image, hearts and minds of girls, boys and media both yesterday and today. A newly, dramatically, slimmed down Jennifer Hudson says her weight loss has her feeling “like a Barbie.” On that reality TV show known as “Sex and the City” Carrie Bradshaw admits she got so mad she did the unspeakable and cut off all the hair on her Barbie. And just this last Christmas season, a woman in Georgia organized a volunteer group to style the hair of black Barbies into Afros so that African-American girls could play with dolls with natural hair, hopefully to drive home the idea that “good hair” is a bad paradigm when it comes to self-acceptance and pride. Read More at Fashion and Function

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