11 September 2012

When will Harriet Tubman get her own line of lingerie?

Frederick's of Hollywood has announced a new "Harriet" collection named after the wife and muse of the real  Frederick of Hollywood.  This is totally special, because, nothing ever gets named after a Harriet.  It's a wonderful name.

But if anybody named Harriet deserves a line of lingerie, it's Harriet Tubman.  There were many times when she had to tell people "don't get your panties in a bunch" while shepherding them through the Underground Railroad.  If anyone knew how to "put on the big girl panties and move on," (in the words of Halle Berry)  it was Ms. H.T. herself.

Another Harriet, Harriet Nelson of Ozzie and Harriet TV show fame, is another candidate for Harriet underwear honors.  Just how many pairs of dirty drawers did she have to wash in a pre-feminist TV world?

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