29 October 2015

North West says "No photos" just like Kanye

We, the July 26 Twins of "Twin Speak:Dresscode" fame, understand that when you are in your tutu and generic shoes, being dragged to ballet class, you may not be in the mood to deal with all the paparazzi laying in wait for you.  On behalf of all the two-year-olds walking the walk of shame in those generic pink ballet shoes (it would be different if they were Louboutins!), we applaud North for her efforts in keeping it real, toddler style!

Do not mess with N.West!!!  She did, after all, flush Kanye's iPhone (!#*!%) down the toilet when she felt he wasn't giving her enough face time.  Refer to our previous post--scroll down a bit to read all about it.

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