02 April 2010

Red: It Isn't Just for Communists Anymore!

Red isn't just for Communists anymore! Goodwin plays a Mormon on the TV show, "Big Love." And as Barbara notes: "Valentino, the Italian designer, made the color "Red" so chic as opposed to being known only for a political movement in the past.....fashion rules!"


  1. Well if anyone know fashion, it's you Barbara. And nobody looks better in it than you, Phoebe. I can't wait to see what you two glamorous gals get up to! Fisher

  2. Thank you, Fisher!!!! We are thrilled to hear from you. We are still looking for images of Jane Rae Buckwalter to post for the UIC set!!!!

  3. grateful to Valentino re Red, of course! but more deeply grateful to Schiaparelli re Shocking Pink, I think (do recall her shoe-hat too, you've mentioned such in past))