07 December 2010

Rag and Bone has nothing to do with Courtney Love? But Craig Ferguson, Yes?

The good fellows at the Rag and Bone clothing line have some explaining to do.  As much as we love the clothing, there are some issues that spring to mind, such as what does "Rag and Bone" mean?   A skimpy dress made from old hankies hanging off of Courtney Love's clavicles?  No, that's just preposterous, dear readers. Courtney in said outfit is called "Skin and Bones, " but not by us, mind you. Actually, Rag and Bone is a name for a junkman/recycler in Britain. Back in the day, the Rag and Bone men would drive around in a horse and wagon and collect fabric scraps to resell and bones to make glue.
And the Craig Ferguson connection?  That's an easy one.  Rag and Bone says the inspiration for the fall 2010 collection is Scottish Highlanders dressed for urban battle.  So, this is what a Scottish guy like Craig Ferguson might don as he prepares to go into battle for a latte at a crowded Starbucks?  It could happen.  Have you seen the lines for lattes in L.A.?  Check out Barbara's Chicago InFashion blog  for the looks you need to face the jungle out there!

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