03 March 2010

Cat In The Hat At The White House

This reporter knows how to “preserve his sexy”** under his hat. Or does he? He was almost a 100% hottie until we noticed the collar of his T-SHIRT showing!!! Hello, Urkel Alert! Dude, come on now! You’re a White House reporter. Didn’t you get the memo: It’s 2010---time to look at the man in the mirror, men friends. With your glasses on and/or contacts in. Maybe you had Lasik®. No matter.

I promise to look each day and each night,
Into a high-quality mirror where the lighting is right,
I’ll check out my clothing, I’ll see if it works,
Because I look damn foolish if you can see my t-shirt!

A belated Happy Birthday to Dr. Seuss who would have been 109 years old yesterday, March 2!!!!

**quote by P. Diddy from his ProActiv® commercial

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