24 November 2010

What's In Fashion in Japan? Meritocracy for Chihuahuas on the Japanese Police Force!

Ralph, the Wonderdog, waiting for food particles to drop from the table he's guarding.

The top news story from Japan is that a Chihuahua named "Momo" (which translates to "Peach") will soon be joining the Police Force Search and Rescue Team.  Momo, a proud, seven-pound spitfire recently competed against German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers and other behemoth breeds and aced the part where the dogs sniff an item of apparel and then track down the person associated with it. 
Momo's owner thinks the Chihuahua's small size will be an advantage in police work as it is often difficult for big-ass dogs to locate people in tight places such as after an earthquake disaster.


  1. Ramsey's considering submitting his resume as well.

  2. Love the chihuahua story. I think Ramsey would be great , but not sure if he understands Japanese.