12 April 2012

Ikea Develops a Step Stool and Shoe Combo

Tired of looking for that step stool you think you put in one of your closets, but can't remember which one? And ladies, who among us doesn't want to "step up" their productivity around the house? In keeping with a "do-more in less time" philosophy, the bright minds at Ikea have developed these time saving Step Stool Shoes.
Yes, these Step Stool Shoes take all the hassle of reaching for items on top of the refrigerator and those things you keep hidden from your husband and the kids in that non-descript box on the top shelf of your closet. Thanks, Ikea! The July 26 Twins hide their secret stash of gummy bears on the top of the shelving units in the living room. With these new shoes, it won't "be a bear" to reach our supply of snacky goodness.
P.S. These shoes also work to keep your feet dry when crossing over puddles during a rainstorm. How practical is that?

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