27 April 2012

29 Trends to Try Before You Die! Say What?

Refinery 29 (which sounds like a place where crude oil is processed) is actually in the fashion business. Now it seems they are also in the bucket list-making business, and have put together a list of 29 trends the ladies should try before they die! How uplifting is that? ("I've got a terminal illness, so I better make sure I've tried all of the recommended trends, or else, I'll die unfulfilled. Even if I have won the Nobel Peace Prize...")
Here are some of the so-called "trends" Refinery 29 has decided are must-do before we kick the bucket. #1 Trend: Sneakers. Really? Sneakers? #2 Trend: Pink Lipstick. Really? Isn't pink a popular color with the ladies? #4 Trend: A Romper. OMG! Are we in kindergarten? Yikes! How about #7: Animal Prints. Really, Truly? Chances are, even if you aren't trying to be trendy, you've probably already tried most of these so-called "trends. Thumbs down on this bucket list approach to fashion Refinery 29. It ain't fair or funny or even "refined."

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