11 June 2012

Sleep Is Now Officially In Fashion

Beauty sleep isn't just for models anymore, it's also a must for geniuses. Einstein needed 10 hours of sleep to function at his best. In his new book, "Internal Time," German chronobiologist Till Roenneberg demonstrates through a wealth of research that our sleep patterns have little to do with laziness and other such scorned character flaws, and everything to do with biology. 
This is the face of my grand-nephew Soren after somebody woke him up way too soon.  He's basically giving somebody "the side-eye of death". Roenneberg also chastises the predjudicial view that the early bird gets the worm: "This myth that early risers are good people and that late risers are lazy has its reasons and merits in rural societies but becomes questionable in a modern 24/7 society. The old moral is so prevalent, however, that it still dominates our beliefs, even in modern times. The postman doesn’t think for a second that the young man might have worked until the early morning hours because he is a night-shift worker or for other reasons. He labels healthy young people who sleep into the day as lazy ."  

Now if you live on a farm, good for you.  

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  1. hooray for narcolepsy! kidding aside, info above good to know/most reassuring – in fact, after reading such, joined Ramsey in a nap sans massive guilt; meanwhile, do note (in pic) that while T slumbers, Ralph's eyes hardly = shut!